AlphaCAB Fernreisemobile
Alpha-CAB All-Wheel-Drive Caravans – Expedition Vehicles
in Tunisia
Alpha-CAB Expedition Vehicles in Herbertingen
The company Alpha CAB is an innovative and demanding
caravan manufacturer. We build all-wheel-drive campers and
expedition coachworks for any kind of all-terrain operations -
longliving and extremely tough. Two decades of experience, a
lot of know-how through testing and close contact to our
customers around the globe deliver the knowledge about what
is necessary on adventure tours.
Our campers are built unique on basis of the customers´ requirements, wishes and demands. We take the time to clarify any single detail, to discuss, advise, plan as long it takes to realize your dream vehicle. We are very flexible to take care of additional request at any time during the building process. We want you to take over a perfect and reliable vehicle for many journey years. You shall feel comfortable in your caravan and reach your destinations safely. With an Alpha-CAB caravan your travel is nice and easy.